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General questions

What is the status of my order?

Do you have questions about your order? please contact our customer service. We always strive to deliver your order to your home within 3-5 business days. This is not a guarantee, but we will always do our best! You will also receive an e-mail from us once your order has been sent and another e-mail the night before we deliver the e-bike to your home.

Can I order an Ostrichoo e-bike via the bicycle plan?

Ofcourse! More information about the cycle plan can be found here.

Do you have a physical shop?

We do not, we work completely from the web and our own workspaces. But you can see our e-bikes at Premiumbikes, Slinge 139, 3085ER Rotterdam.

I live outside the Randstad region and would like to take a test ride on an Ostrichoo e-bike?

Contact our customer service, there is always something to arrange!

Questions about service

Can I have my Ostrichoo e-bike repaired at a local bicycle repair shop?

That is not a problem at all. Our e-bikes are simple and easy to maintain. Every bicycle mechanic can repair our bikes, but if a specific component needs to be replaced in terms of electronics, then you have to come to us. In that case, contact our customer service and we will arrange it.

Can I also make a service request if I do not have a service package?

Yes of course, we charge 0.20 cent/km call-out costs calculated from Dordrecht and we use normal rates for repairs. 

How long is my service package valid?

There is no expiry date on the service packages, this is always valid for your Ostrichoo e-bike. However, it does not apply if the e-bike changes ownership.

Questions about using an Ostrichoo e-bik

Can I use both charging ports of my battery to charge?

Yes, the battery has 2 charging ports, but never use both ports at the same time (if you have two chargers). So never put 2 chargers in both ports, because then the battery can get too hot and it can be harmful to the battery. Which port you prefer does not matter!

When is my battery fully charged and does it stop charging automatically?

There is a light in the charger, if it is red then the battery is still charging (not full). When it turns green, the battery is full and the charger will automatically stop charging, simple!

How do I switch on the e-bike?

The bike turns on by holding down the middle button on the steering wheel control panel until the lights come on. With the left and right button, you can adjust positions from low to high.

How do I use the walk-assist?

If your bike is loaded with heavy bags and you have to walk a lot with it, you can use the walk assist. You activate this by holding down the left button (-) on your steering control panel. When you release the button, it stops.

Where are the other buttons for on the steering wheel?

Our e-bikes are equipped with lighting and an electric bell (horn). The red button, with which you turn on your front lamp and you can honk with the green button!

How do I turn on my rear light?

The Julius has a rear light that is built into the battery, you turn it on by pressing the switch under the rear light. The Nero has no rear light.

When does the electric motor give power?

The motor only gives power when you rotate your pedals. When you brake and stop pedaling, the motor will also stop giving power. There are sensors in both brakes and your bottom bracket which constantly communicate with the motor.

When should I switch gears?

Only switch gears when you are cycling, not when stationary. Shifting from standstill can cause deformation of the gears and you obviously don't want that. So, shift back in time if you have to stop for a traffic light. Use your gears when you cycle, start low and go higher if necessary.

What is the best way to slow down?

Because an e-bike can go very fast, it is important that you also have good brakes. With us, the left brake is always your rear brake and the right brake is your front brake. All Ostrichoo e-bikes are equipped with powerful and maintenance-friendly disc brakes.


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