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Buying an e-bike is one thing, keeping your e-bike a little tidy is another. You just want to ride a bike and not worry about checking your flywheel or replacing your bicycle chain. And you certainly don't want to have to assemble your bike yourself if you have ordered one online. That is why we have developed service packages at Ostrichoo especially for people who like simple solutions.

We have 3 different packages: starter, basic and deluxe.


The starter package helps you in the saddle with the purchase of your e-bike.

With this starter package you always benefit from free home service in case of warranty. In addition to the service at home, you receive an extensive first service for your e-bike at home when you purchase a starter package. One of our Ostrichoo mechanics will visit you after making an appointment to give your bike a complete service. Read more about what a service entails here.

Note: This first service is mandatory to maintain the warranty. This must take place within 6 months of purchase.

Basic package

The basic package contains additions to the starter package.

Just like with the starter package, you get home service in case of a warranty and the first service is included in this package. But the basic package doesn't stop there! With this package you get a 1-year breakdown assistance subscription at FietsNED. This prevents you from going further in the event of a breakdown. Read more about this subscription here.

Deluxe package

The deluxe package is the pamper package for your bicycle.

Just like the basic package, you get a breakdown assistance subscription at FietsNED, but now for 2 years! In addition, you will receive a second maintenance service at home after 15-18 months, so that you can enjoy your bike for an extra long time!

It is not mandatory to purchase the packages when purchasing your e-bike, but it is highly recommended. Because if you take good care of your bike, you can enjoy it longer and prevent expensive repairs.

Pay attention! We only offer home service within the Netherlands.


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