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Ostrichoo E-bike maintenance

E-bikes are technical and sensitive devices that occasionally need a little love, attention and care. By regularly maintaining your bike, you will enjoy it for longer and the bike will stay in a better condition. Compare it to maintaining a car - you regularly check if your tires are still full and after a certain number of kilometers you have the garage take a look. 


Take good care of your bike and have your Ostrichoo e-bike checked every 2000 kilometers or at least once a year. However, the actual maintenance interval depends on your driving habits, road quality and weather conditions.

Furthermore, it is mandatory to give your Ostrichoo e-bike the first maintenance service within 6 months after purchase to retain the warranty. The reason for this is that a new e-bike is then fully run-in and might need some new adjustment (brakes, gears, etc.). If you do not have a maintenance carried out on time, this can lead to damage in the long term and therefore the guarantee of your Ostrichoo e-bike also expires. So be on time for a first maintenance service, it is your own responsibility.

Service request

If you have chosen a service package with your order, request a service from us on time via a service request. You will then be contacted within 24 hours for a definitive appointment with one of our mechanics. Most of the services are performed at your home by our mobile mechanics, but if there are major repairs that cannot be carried out on site, the e-bike will be taken to our workshop.

Can you also maintain an Ostrichoo e-bike at a local bicycle repair shop?

The maintenance of your Ostrichoo e-bike does not differ much from the maintenance of a normal bicycle, all professional bicycle shops can carry out the maintenance of our e-bikes. However, it is important to carry out the maintenance at an expert bicycle mechanic with at least a diploma in bicycle technology. Please note: keep the invoice for your first service, we can request this in case of warranty! This is only necessary if you do not have us carry out the first service, but, for example, at a local bicycle shop.


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