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If you buy an e-bike you will receive up to 4 years warranty on the most important parts. It is important that you contact us if you want to make a claim under this warranty.

You receive the legal warranty and the factory warranty on all your purchases. The legal warranty means that a product must meet what you, as a consumer, can reasonably expect from the product. 

How do I keep my factory warranty?

To keep the factory warranty, it is important that you have the first service performed on time. Read more

Legal and factory warranty

Defects to the product that can be traced back to a material and / or production error (and therefore not caused by normal wear and tear) are repaired by the seller free of charge subject to the conditions below (points 1 and 2). This if the defects are reported to the seller as soon as possible after their discovery.

  1. The warranty claim does not apply to damage, cancellation and / or loss as a result of:

2. All this must be done in writing, immediately after establishing the defect against submission of a copy of your purchase agreement, payment and warranty certificate.

If a service is invoked that is not covered by the warranty conditions, the costs of this will be charged to the buyer by the seller. This is at the discretion of the seller. To prevent you from being surprised by unforeseen costs as described above, we advise you to consult the documents supplied with your product for a possible explanation and / or solution of your complaint. 

The buyer is obligated to limit the damage to the product. More extensive or other claims are excluded. After reasonable assessment (by seller) prior to a service case, costs (outside of the aforementioned warranty periods) may be charged to the buyer.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, Ostrichoo E-bikes guarantees for the new items delivered from its own manufacturer: 4 years for the frame, 2 years for the front fork (with suspension), 2 years for the drive system, 4 years for the battery, 2 years for the steering control unit, 2 years for all other parts, with the exception of all parts subject to wear. The aforementioned periods start on the day of delivery, unless the nature of the delivery dictates otherwise or the parties have agreed otherwise.

Legal warranty on e-bike battery

Have you purchased a battery separately (not with a bicycle)? Then you have a 4-year warranty on the battery. If the battery no longer functions properly or is broken, you request a repair request and take the battery to our office. Here we will test the battery for you. If the battery turns out to be broken, we will order a new battery for you on our account. 

Report a warranty case

If you suspect that you are dealing with a warranty case, always contact our customer service first (info@ostrichoo.eu). We are happy to help you further.

If you email or call us about a possible warranty claim, please include the following so that we can assist you as quickly as possible:

In this way, we can assess whether there is a warranty case. If, based on the photos or description, we cannot assess whether it is a warranty case, we will look for another solution to estimate this. Of course, we do this in consultation with you.

Pay attention! If we indicate that it is (probably) not a guarantee case, but you still want, outside the warranty, that your bike is fixed by one of our mobile technicians, please bear in mind that the costs for the repair are for your own account. If you want our technicians at your house, to check whether it is a warranty claim, keep in mind that additional investigation and transport costs may be charged if it turns out that it is not a warranty case. The research costs are € 30 and the transport costs € 60 (pick up and drop off). The transport costs are of course not charged when you bring and collect the bike yourself.

Duration of the repair

We try to repair your bike within 14 days if the parts are in stock, if the parts are not in stock, we will order the parts from the supplier.

Collection and delivery service

If it concerns a warranty case, we will collect your e-bike for free from you and we will also deliver it to your home if you have purchased a "basic" or "deluxe" service package. If you only have a starter service package, then we charge a standard rate of € 60 (collection and delivery). If you come and collect the bike yourself, you obviously do not have to pay these costs.

Where can I go?

If you need our help with a minor repair or maintenance on your bike, you can request this on our website via service request. We will then send one of our mechanics as soon as possible with a fully equipped service bus. We work together with FietsNED (NL), Fietsmaat (South Holland), Bike Doctors (Amsterdam), and Fix MyBIKE as partners.

Furthermore, you can also go to any local bicycle repair shop for most of the repairs. Our bikes are simple and easy to fix for every professional. 

Good to know

The above-mentioned manufacturer's warranty only applies to the first owner.

If something is covered by the warranty when carrying out a service or maintenance check, please contact us.


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