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Tips to extend your e-bike's range

An e-bike works differently than a normal bike, namely on a battery. The battery ensures that the e-bike is powered. The time that you can cycle with a fully charged battery is what we call the range.

The e-bikes from Ostrichoo have an average range of no less than 35 kilometers thanks to the efficient rear motor. This range is achieved under normal Dutch conditions and has been tested by someone of 80 kg who cycled on the medium support during his trip.

Are you lighter, is the weather great, and you are only cycling on flat surfaces, then the range is probably even higher. In order to get the optimal range and to be able to cycle for as long as possible on a full charge, we have put some handy tips for you that you can apply yourself.

You can do this yourself to keep the range of your e-bike optimal

Check your tire pressure

With the right tire pressure, the tires on your e-bike will have the least friction and you can cover more kilometers. For the Julius the optimal tire pressure is at 3 bar and for the Nero between 2.5 and 3.5 bar. It may seem like a minor thing, but a wrong tire pressure can cost you 5-10 km on your total range.

Shifting takes you further

Shifting with an e-bike works the same as in a car. You start in a low gear and as you cycle faster you shift up. If you immediately start cycling in a high gear, it will cost extra battery power. There are 7 gears on an Ostrichoo e-bike, so use them!

Try to brake and accelerate less often

Braking and accelerating will affect your range. If you can continue riding, this is better for the range. Instead of braking, try to "roll out" at a traffic light on time.

Choose the correct support mode

Our bikes have three support modes: low, medium and high. If you put the e-bike on the lowest mode, it gives a motor power till 15 km / h. This will help you with the acceleration and you will get a push when climbing a bridge. The most used mode is the medium mode which supports till 20 km / h. This mode is perfect for the urban use of an e-bike. The high mode ensures that you go nice and fast untill 25 km / h. Great if you have to cycle a long way through the polder, but not very handy for in the city. Selecting a low support mode is better for your range because the battery will then have to work less hard.

Charge your battery regularly

Charge the battery regularly and never keep it completely empty. In this way the battery will continue to work properly. Just like your own condition. If you lie still for too long, you will become lazy and your condition will go down. The supercharger stops automatically when the battery is full, so you don’t need to worry about overcharging it.

Take good care of your e-bike

Every once a while you can rub the chain of your e-bike with a little bit of oil. This keeps everything nice and smooth. Also check your bike after the first 50km’s. During cycling it can happen that some screws get looser. This happens with every new bike. To be sure that you give your bike the best care, make sure that the e-bike receives a service within 3 months (from first purchase). It is normal that the brakes or gears then need to be adjusted and some screws to be tightened. The better the bike "runs", the more efficient the battery consumption is.

And this influences the range of your e-bike as well

Weight of the cyclist

The range of our bikes has been tested with someone of 80 kg’s. If you are heavier or lighter, this has an effect on the range. 10 kg has approximately 5 km influence on the range.

The landscape

From us you don't have to cycle around, but keep in mind that the landscape you cycle through can influence the range. The e-bike has to work just a little harder on bridges, hills and uneven roads.

Age of the battery

The older the battery gets, the more it loses it capacity. Fortunately, our batteries are super-capacitors that last twice as long as a normal lithium-ion batteries, but unfortunately neither our super-capacitors last a lifetime. We do give a 4-year warranty on our batteries!


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